Jsal: New Single "Graveyard"

Florida artist Jsal releases a new track and music video!

The 19-year-old Florida artist is one of the most underrated artists to pass through the club.

He started making music in his earlier days in high school and eventually made it his career.

"I started making music as a joke when I was 15, but after graduation is when I took it seriously, when I was 18. I kept on making music cause it’s something I love to do. The energy I get from making music is something you can’t get from anything else, it’s my high."

In just a few years, Jsal has managed to show his talent and versatility without hesitation.

His latest track "Graveyard" is a chill and relatable track. The message behind the track is really the best part.

"I was feeling and the pressure I was facing trying to make it in music, it’s like a message to myself saying everything is okay and whatever we do to make it is a secret we taking to the graveyard."

Jsal's message to himself really turned out to be more than that.

From the sound quality to the video this track was really all about getting to know Jsal and showcasing his talent. While making the listener feel understood.

"The song and visuals represent who I am, I’m in downtown Orlando not getting fazed by the commotion and partying that’s around me. I have never been like that I just want the people closest with me to the top."

Jsal just keeps it real with his music and "GraveYard" is no different.

Jsal is set to drop a dancehall track titled "Just Us" in the near future. It'll be his first dancehall track ever so we are excited to see how it turned out.

Make sure to stick around to see what else Jsal got up his sleeve and make sure to stream his new single "GraveYard" here!


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