Jugmanxo: “Steeze” MV!

18-year-old Jugmanxo from Jersey City is on his way to taking over the New Jersey underground scene!

The young and talented artist has officially been making music since May 2018, making heads turn with his hard-hitting tracks.

Before the start of his career, in the 8th grade, Jugmanxo realized he had a passion for rapping and continued on to do it, learning poetry and diving deep into the art of music and lyrics. Now, he's got his own style and way of laying down bars.

Jugmanxo recently dropped his new single "STEEZE" on all streaming platforms, with its music video reaching 10k streams in just 2 weeks.

With the release of his new single and music video, we briefly linked up with the young artist to learn more about the inspiration of the track.

"what inspired the track was being a young rockstar not giving a fuck and just having fun people like lucki, lil yachty, and a$ap ant inspired the sound for the track "

He continued...

"The process of making the track was very chill and laid back but still trying to maintain a turnt energy to it"

As always, Jugmanxo never disappoints. The track has great sound quality and keeps up Jug's signature trap style.

Jugmanxo's music videos are always something to look forward to as well as World Media Co never disappoints either. Always dropping quality video.

Jugmanxo is gearing up to release a new single and visuals, but for now, make sure to check out his new single "STEEZE" on your favorite streaming platform or check out the music video above!


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