JuxJu: "D!E Al!VE" - New Album

The excentric Florida artist Juxju is back at it again with his new album "D!E AL!VE"

Packed with 10 unique tracks, the "D!E AL!VE" album takes you through a crazy journey of different energies with very unique sounds.

The album showcases Juxju's diversity and creativity. Displaying his endless potential.

Juxju briefly shared with us more about the album and how this insane project came to be.

"What inspired “D!E AL!VE” was really not a mix of much, all my life I’ve been very energetic and loud no matter where I was, you could also say I have slight anger issues so I’d be in fights a lot that I ain’t even start..."

It's clear aggression and anger drive a lot of Juxju's tracks, we're just glad he's taking out all those emotions in music. A much more healthy way than fighting.

"All my songs are made from my personality and emotions. This tape is literally a collective of my wildness, another insight into who I am and how I am as a person.. I just love having fun no matter what I’m doing and each track on the tape is exactly that, me just having fun and being myself!"

He continued...

"Started making this project around last April 2020, around that year a lot was going on in my life.. Through dealing with the world and its pandemic, leaving my job, losing one of my favorite cousins in my family due to police, and just a whole bunch I was able to keep the process going. Basically Coping with the music and using how I felt for inspo, it’s all real energy and that’s always the best thing to use when making something that represents you and yours! "

It seems to us that "D!E AL!VE" was a very needed project in Juxju's career.

The album is full of energy and very unique musicality not heard from many. The album is definitely worth the listen and it does not dissapoint.

Check out Juxju's new album "D!E AL!VE" here or check out one of our recommended tracks down below!

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "ChoppaCity!"

  2. "Wat !t Bout"

  3. "RoboCop!"


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