Jvnvier: “R.I.P MY ENEMIES” New Single + Interview

The young and talented Jvnvier of New York turns the rage energy on with his newest single “R.I.P MY ENEMIES”!

After experimenting with several sounds in his “BLACK BOY MAGIC” EP earlier this year, Jvnvier returns to his dark trap roots and turns up the heat with his newfound rage energy.

“The reason I wrote this song was because I was in point in my life where I felt like everything was falling apart and certain situations made me feel defeated but instead of letting that feeling consume me I made this track which was my way of basically reminding myself to never give up and don’t let anybody get in your way.”

Drained and feeling defeated, Jvnvier said “Not Today” and pull off what’s possible the best track he’s ever dropped.

With the new drops a bit of background on the track, we linked up with Jvnvier to learn a bit more about him as an artist.

“I continue to make music because it’s my way of Figuring life and myself out, music is the ultimate outlet for me when I’m stressed, anger, sad, and even happy. Plus I really love doing this shit I love seeing myself grow and having that moment where I look at one of my old tracks and then play the one I’m currently working on…”

He continued….

“just think to myself “damn bro you came so far, imagine how far you can go ? Imagine what would happen if you put that 10,000s hours into it?” Like that shit just excites me. Myself 5 years ago didnt even think half of the shit I’m doing right now was possible.”

Jvnvier has come a long way, building his craft from the ground up. Now, he’s a promising young artist in the underground paving his own road.

Jvnvier also shared with us he will be dropping a new single titled “-.- IMISSMOSHING -.-“ sometime soon, but ‘till then make sure to check out his newest single “R.I.P MY ENEMIES”.

Jvnvier’s newest single “R.I.P MY ENEMIES” is out now on all streaming platforms. Click here to check it out or click one of our recommended tracks down below!

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