Jvstice: New Orleans’ Pride

Justice Savoie, AKA Jvstice, is really coming up straight out of New Orleans!

The young 20 year old artist has one of the most versatile discographies we’ve heard out of any fugitive on our page.

Inspired by artists like Curren$y, Casey Veggies, and more, Jvstice, has pulled a bunch of sounds together and made it his own.

With the release of his new track “Right Now,” we linked up with the young artist to learn more about the process behind the music. When asked about his favorite part of the music process, he replied:

“My favorite part is definitely the recording process, nothing like being able to put your ideas and rhymes into fruition.”

We can only imagine the energy in the studio when Jvstice hits the booth.

The track “Right Now” is definitely different than his “Good Times” Ep & his previous single release “Changes” with a completely different vibe and sound. We asked what the inspiration behind the track was and Jvstice replied:

“This track means a lot to me because it a beautiful meld between lyricism and relatability. This explains why “Right Now” is the time for us to come together, overcome our obstacles, and create change.”

He continued...

“[“Right Now”] represents me because coincidentally I truly learn from the past, live in the moment, and plan for the future.”

Jvstice is truly an inspiration and his new track, “Right Now,” is genuinely the energy we needed to get through 2020.

As of now, Jvstice hasn’t disclosed any upcoming project but we really hope we get some visuals soon. In the meantime, check out more of the Pride of New Orleans, Jvstice, here.

Make sure to stream Jvstice’s new track “Right Now” down below!

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