JxstChris Goes Punk!

Atlanta artist, Jxstchris goes punk in his latest EP!

The young artist has been making music since late 2018 and early 2019. Starting off with an emo trap vibe and continuing it until earlier this year with the release of his title track "LOSER FRIENDS (I'm Just Chris)" for his "High School Delux" EP.

"LOSER FRIENDS (I'm Just Christ)" was the start of Jxstchris' punk experimentation. Adding melodic guitar sounds in his beats and spilling out his real bleak emotions.

Recently, Jxstchris released his "High School Delux" Ep featuring a more alternative-punk vibe. With each track having its own unique drum kit or electric guitar sounds.

The "High School Delux" EP shows us a new side to Jxstchris and personally, it feels like has finally found his sound.

Overall, the "High School Dexul" feels just like the turnaround Jxstchris needed and we are here for it.

What do y'all think of Jxstchris going punk?

Let us know here!


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