Kairyu: “Boss Lvl” Album Review

In nowhere’s Ville, California there’s a young artist trying to make a name for himself and his name is Kairyu!

The Victorville, California resident has been making music for some time now. Inspired by all the things that bring him joy in life such as anime, video games, psychedelic vibes, and more, Kairyu has been experimenting and creating his own world of music.

Although Kairyu has released his fair share of good tracks and projects, the project his most proud of is “Boss Lvl”.

“Boss Lvl” was released back in December of 2019 and at the time captured a lot of attention because of the serious improvement in sound quality and the eccentric video game score vibes.

Before diving into the album, we briefly linked up with Kairyu to learn about the process of making the album and how it even came to be.

“The project was inspired by my excessive use psychedlics, anime, cartoons,video games and just being in this dusty ass desert.”

The inspiration being the “Boss Lvl” album and most of Kairyu’s tracks is obvious. What’s more obvious is the sheer boredom that caused Kairyu to pick up a new hobby.

“every song on the tape was made off of one of my trips and each beat i made in the tape reflects off how that trip was.”

He continued…

“The tape was fully produced mixed mastered by me and both cover arts for the tape I also made. I used a lot of references to anime and cartoons and other things that I enjoy like trailer park boys and I mixed those things that I enjoy with the shit that goes on in the this dirty desert.”

It’s funny to hear him reference Victorville, California as “dirty desert” or “dusty ass desert” as if you’re not a California resident you really don’t know that there’s really nothing to do out in his area it’s just desert with nothing big going on but maybe unrecorded crime.

With that being said, we’re very impressed with what he brings to the table. Kairyu doesn’t have a lot of resources and does with what he can. Fully submerging himself in the whole progress. Growing and making it work.

Kairy’s “Boss Lvl” and his music, in general, is really just his own world. His own universe where he can do anything. The album overall is a very unique with many video game elements and insane beats. It’s safe to say he’s go something big in his hands.

Kairyu has released a few tracks and projects after the release of his “Boss Lvl” album, but make sure to check him out on all streaming platforms or click one of the recommended tracks down below!

Recommend Tracks:

  1. “Nami”

  2. “Bowser”



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