Kamrn: "ALL THAT GLITTERS" Album Review

Kamrn has been grinding hard for the last couple of months, putting together his "ALL THAT GLITTERS" album and now it is officially out!

The album itself has nice overall flow and is well put together. Each separate track is a story of its own that comes together so show a different side of Kamrn.

Back in March, Kamrn, released his lead single from the album titled "Mr. Lonely." The track featured a melodic beat with Kam's usual heartbreak loverboy style and the track on its own, collectively, made over 2.5k streams before the album release.

One month later, "ALL THAT GLITTERS," was released. The 12 track album is Kamrn's third full length project, but it is a bit different than the rest. This project includes one track that stands out the most, "dearly departed."

"Dearly Departed" is a track unlike any other track Kamrn has put out. The guitar intro, the lyrics, and even Kamrn's flow is so different. It perfectly displays Kamrn's versatility and talent. The track's sad mellow tune makes it easy to get lost in thought and is somewhat relaxing. The tale of a lost love is followed by the mix emotion track "DO OR DIE."

The album also includes some of our new personal favorite tracks "BREATHE" and "FINE."

"ALL THAT GLITTERS" is one of Kamrn's best projects to date. The album includes something for everyone and is definitely worth a listen.

Stream "ALL THAT GLITTERS" now, available on all platforms!


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