Kamrn: “Deeper Than The Surface” Single Review + Interview!

Kamrn makes a comebacks with a break up track titled “Deeper Than The Surface”!

As always the PNB Rock of Texas does not disappoint, Kamrn’s new single “Deeper Than The Surface” is an emotional Pop-Rap track that takes us on a heartbreaking journey we’re probably all too familiar with.

Kamrn might be known as the PNB Rock of Texas, but “Deeper Than The Surface” is something PNB himself wouldn’t drop. Kamrn puts his full raw emotions into his tracks. No indirects or sugar coating things. That’s what makes him different.

Upon the release of his new single, We caught up with Kamrn to learn a bit more about the inspiration behind the track and how it came to be.

“Honestly it was inspired by a ton of comments saying I sound exactly like pnb rock. I had put my own spin on his feature while giving my own story with it.”

He continued….

“It took me a year to really get the song right. At first I used a YouTube beat then I didn’t like how that turned out so I made the beat from scratch and since then I had been editing and tweaking the song.”

After speaking with Kamrn, we were really glad he took his time with such a special track. “Deeper Than The Surface” really seems like a turning point for the young 19-year-old and we hope to continue to hear more great music from him.

Along with the single itself, Kamrn released the official music video for “Deeper Than The Surface”, directed by Moonlight Visuals.

“The video was fun to make. me and the model @jha.zz instantly clicked!”

The music video itself is possible the best music video Kamrn has put out to date. From video quality to plot line and camera angles, the music video came out great and Moonlight Visuals really did a great job directing it.

It’s clear a lot of work when into this particular track and we couldn’t be more pleased with the ending result.

“This song is truly the start of not only a new era for myself but for Houston. This has been a long time coming and the album coming with it will be groundbreaking.”

Kamrn is set to drop his upcoming album sometime in January of 2022, but ‘till then make sure to check his new single “Deeper Than The Surface” here or check out the music video down below!

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