Kamrn: Houston’s Finest

Mr. Lonely is one artist to keep a lookout for this year. A top tier artist hidden in plain sight.

18 year old, Kamron Guidry, aka Kamrn, is one of Houston‘s finest artist. Often compared to PnB Rock, Kamrn, has an immense track list dating back to 2018. With his new album “ALL THAT GLITTERS" soon to come. Taking interest in music in 2014, with influences like Ty Doll $ign and Lil Wayne, Kamrn, started featuring in his friends songs and soon started to make his own music.

Accumulating a decent amount of streams throughout the years, Kamrn, got our attention with “Gave Up On My Heart” recently and it took just 30 seconds to realize this young artist is soon to be a star.

His new track “MR.LONELY” portrays how most of us feel at times and his upcoming album “ALL THAT GLITTERS” is to be his most relatable project to date.

Kamrn has a song for everyone, sexy bedroom tracks, heartbreaks tracks, and more. While we wait on his “ALL THAT GLITTERS" album check out this fine artist’s most streamed tracks down below.

Stream Kamrn’s latest track “MR.LONELY” here.

Most streamed tracks:

1. "Gave Up On My Heart"

2. "Bag!"

3. "Eastide Luv"


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