Ka$h Kyle: “Santa Barbara” EP

Underground hitmaker Ka$h Kyle is back at it again with a new project.

The six track project features his most recent hit and our personal favorite track, “Section,” featuring Aliff Rush.

One thing we love to see is consistency and Ka$h Kyle certainly doesn’t disappoint in that aspect. Dropping quality tracks consistently without hesitation.

The “Santa Barbara” Ep is probably Ka$h Kyle’s best project to date. With something for everyone it’s hard to just ignore it.

Starting of with the first track to the last, Ka$h Kyle, plays back and forth with the city of Santa Barbara’s vibe. Going from calm beach vibes with tracks like “ No Plans” to the UCSB party vibes with tracks like “Not My.”

Ka$h Kyle’s versatility bleeds through this project and it’s no doubt that this young artist will soon bee topping charts.

We strongly recommend you check out Ka$h Kyle’s latest Ep “Santa Barbara” here or check out our recommended tracks down below!

Recommended Tracks:

  1. “Section” (Ft. Aliff Rush)

  2. “No My” (Ft. Jay Salazar)

  3. “No Plans”


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