Ka$h Kyle: "Scorpio Season"

Ka$h Kyle is back!

After releasing his "Santa Barbara" Ep almost two months ago, Ka$h Kyle, keeps his consistency and returns confidently with a three pack project.

The "Scorpio Season" Ep has to be one of the best well rounded projects released by the underground this year. With only 3 tracks, Ka$h Kyle, managed to give us a cohesive and energetic project. From "Til I'm On" to "Fifa" the consistency in energy stayed the same while giving us a bit of versatility.

Ka$h Kyle is no stranger to the party vibe and individually each track in "Scorpio Season" delivers just that vibe.

Out of 10, We'd say this project is a solid 9, So we recommend you give it a listen.

The "Scorpio Season" Ep is now available on all streaming platforms. Let us know your favorite track and stick around for the upcoming "Dig That" music video !

"Scorpio Season" Track Ranking:

#1: "Til I'm On"

#2: "Dig That"

#3: "Fifa"


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