Keemy Hendrxx: “Might As Well” New Single

Florida’s suavest, Keemy Hendrxx drops a brand new single titled “Might As Well”!

Keemy Hendrxx is known for his smooth R&B tracks. The young and talented artist has been dropping music since 2018 at just the age of 17 and he’s been unstoppable ever since.

His new single is just another one of his great tracks. Just a broken-hearted kid, making good music.

We briefly linked up with him to learn a bit about how the track came to be.

“I just spoke how I was feeling. The melody of the beat was what spoke to me first. When I hopped in the booth it was almost a one-take, the vibe was too perfect. Smoking good exotic can really set the mood.”

Keemy Hendrxx is one of those artists that can’t really disappoint. All his tracks are full of emotions. Making him on relateable artist.

His new single “Might As Well” is out now on all streaming platforms. Make sure to check it out here!


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