KG Prince: "ithinkimightdietonight" Single

KG Prince is on the verge of blowing up and becoming one of the most versatile artists ever!

The 21-year-old took on music as a career in 2018 and has been dropping amazing tracks since then. From rage tracks to R&B to alternative, KG Prince can do it all and has never disappointed.

Recently, he dropped his single "ithinkimightdietonight" and it quickly became one of our favorite tracks, and lately over the last few weeks, KG Prince's "ithinkimightdietonight" has been featured on ELEVATOR and many other great pages.

Produced by Sauron, the melodic and sentimental track talks about addiction and depression. Really taking you through the feels of uncertainty, but ultimately making you feel alright and relieved.

"I just took that opportunity to express how I really felt and was going through at the time. I wrote this song to help people get through suicidal tendencies and any demons they’re fighting."

He continued...

"This piece of art represents my side of versatility and care for the suicidal crowd, bringing awareness."

KG Prince did something great with this track and hearing the story behind it just makes it feel even better. Personally, from the first listen, the track made me feel relieved... like someone finally understood the feeling of being suicidal. The thoughts just boiling up in the back of your head, trying to drown it with drugs or alcohol, ultimately not wanting to die but not being able to escape the thought.

The message in and behind the track is really what reaches the listener, making them feel okay and understood while telling "we gon' be alright."

KG Prince has dropped some great track and never fails to really make you feel something.

"ithinkimightdietonight" is one of KG Prince's best tracks to date and we can't wait to see him blow up within the next year. Besides his creativity and passion, KG Prince really just makes music for the soul. Whether your soul is screaming at the top of its lungs or falling in love, KG Prince has a track for that. He is truly just one amazing artist.

Make sure to check out "imthinkimightdietonight" here or check out one of our recommended tracks down below!

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  3. "Save Me"


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