KGoLive: The Underground’s Producer

From Saxophone player to Up and Coming producer, KGoLive, was really born to be a top dog in the industry.

At just 21 years old the young Maryland producer has been making headway producing for top artists in the underground, such as Xanman, Big Flock, and more.

KGoLive has not only proven himself to be a quality producer, but an overall great artist in general. From producing beats to planning and executing project concepts, there's really nothing this young man can't do.

Since his rise in 2017, KGoLive, has put in the work, with over 10,000 hours of hustle and pure grind.

According to him, all that hard work and recognition help inspire his latest project "In Due Time."

KGolive's "In Due Time" album includes 25 self produced tracks and over 15 features with artists like Big Flock, Fat Glo, Club newcomer TOOKEY!, and more.

With all that hard work and extensive collaborations, we decided to briefly linked up with KGolive to learn more about his "In Due Time" album and his music journey so far.

When did you start making music?

"I started playing alto saxophone in 4th grade. But, I began producing when I was a sophomore in HS. So, overall, music has been in my life for almost as long as I lived."

What is your favorite part of the music process?

"I honestly can’t name my favorite part of the music process. I love all of it. From creating beats, making concepts for projects, engineering to rapping, mixing, and making a project cohesive, I love it all. Though, I say I enjoy making beats the most, it allows me to create pictures and movies through my sound."

What inspired your latest project "In Due Time"?

"My come up is what inspired me to make this project. The phrase “In Due Time” guarantees certainty that something will happen, but not when. This project is about knowing you are going to be great one day, but the timing may not be now. You got to hold your head down until you come up, this is necessary to every process to becoming a legend. This album is meant to motivate the hard workers when they just don’t have any ‘hard work’ left in them."

How does this project represent you?

This project represents [my] my versatility [and] It represents how hungry I am to be an icon in music.

Any upcoming projects?

"EP dropping in December and prepare for at LEAST 3 projects in 2021."

KGoLive has been working for this his whole music career and it only keeps getting better for him. We can honestly say he's going to be one of the best producers in the game in the next few years so keep your eye on him.

Make sure to check out his latest project "In Due Time," now available on all streaming platforms, and hit him up on instagram for a chance to work with him!

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