Khair: “Bucko” Project Review

Chicago always got some of the most creative rappers in the industry, Kanye West, Chief Keef, and Chance The Rapper just to name a few, and even though Khair isn’t a giant in the game, he’s honestly one of the realest rappers out of Chicago right now.

Known for his Boom Bap rapping style, Khair, has been doing singles and two track EP’s for some time now. Gaining more and traction every time he drops.

Now, he’s finally released his first full length project and we couldn’t be more excited to review such a well articulated artist.

“BUCKO” starts off with the track “Boom No Bap.” The track takes you through the life of Khair. From school, love life, morals, and his reality of life. Just an overall great intro into who Khair really is as a person and an artist.

Throughout the whole project you are taken through a whole life experience with seamlessly effortless bars and versatile beats. Honestly, you feel like you’re in a trance seeing Khair’s life through his eyes.

Tracks like Pea Coat, COFFEE STAIN, and IHWBATD really show how versatile Khair can be. Never letting his flow go and continuing to keep it real to the beat tempo.

Khair isn’t just a talented and creative individual, but he’s proven to be very resourceful. Using his phone to record most of his 2020 tracks. An overall threat to the underground and the industry if you ask me.

“BUCKO” is an overall great project and it’s only the beginning. Khair isn’t stopping anytime soon, so, join him or get out the way.

Stream Khair’s first full length project, “BUCKO,” here or check out one of our recommended tracks down below!

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "Pea Coat"


  3. "IHWBATD"


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