Khair Of $LUTMOB: "Parked Car Interlude" EP

When it comes to it all being about the love for music, 21 year old, Khair of $LUTMOB takes the trophy.

He recently dropped a short two song EP titled “Parked Car Interlude,” which includes the drug conscious tracks “Dan Ryan” and “I Might Pop Out.”

With the current worldwide pandemic state making it hard for many artists to get to a studio, Khair hadn’t been able to get to one and record, but he said f*ck that and went down to his car, pulled out his phone, and recorded his “Parked Car Interlude” EP.

Khair of $LUTMOB started making music in high school and when it was time to go to go college he decided to stay back and work to be able fund his music career. Since then, he’s made great tracks like “I Need” and “BOOFU.”

His drug conscious tracks are pretty addicting, but luckily he is dropping his new project “BUCKO” soon, giving us a new supply to put on repeat. In the meantime, stream his “Parked Car Interlude” down below.

Recommended Tracks:

1. “Dan Ryan“

2. “I Need”

3. “BOOFU”


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