Kid Brunswick: "XFOREVER" Album Review

London's Kid Brunswick is a real rockstar in the making!

The 19-year-old artist recently dropped his new album "XFOREVER" that's full of true rock instrumentals and punk energy.

Kid Brunswick starts off the album just right with the previously released track "Prescription Kid," taking you on a journey of unwanted feelings, mental health, and drug abuse. Right of the bat Brunswick catches the ear with the hardcore rock instrumentals and lyrics such as...

"Just imagine how it feels to be useless"
"If we wanna be cool we gotta make ourself sick"

Shedding light on his own personal feelings of depressing and throwing shade at the external perception of "prescription kid" being used as an image of being cool.

The whole album is insanely amazing. It is well-produced, has great sound quality, and it was well put together super cohesive with not a single part of the album feeling like it's out of place.

Within the album itself, Kid Brunswick gets versatile with different sub-genres of rock, such as some screamo the track "Dear Anonymous" and more alternative vibes in tracks like "When You Were Young" and "The Feel".

One special track we wanna spotlight is "Skin". This track feels very personal and a very necessary inclusion in the album.

The track takes you to the feeling of being lost and feeling unwanted, with the lyrics...

"No one gives a f*ck until you're famous, no one really cares unless you're dead or on drugs..."

"I wish I had your skin"

The track as a whole feels not only personal but one of the most relatable tracks we've heard in the rock genre in a while.

Kid Brunswick's "XFOREVER" album is a true rock masterpiece that is a must-listen. It not only has relatable tracks and meaningful lyrics, but also has screamo, hardcore headbangers, and everything in between.

"XFOREVER" truly embodies what a rock album should be, so make sure to check it out here or check out one of our recommended tracks down below!

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "The Feel"

  2. "Dear Anonymous"

  3. "Skins"


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