KidClipse: "BornStar" - New Single

KidClipse just became one of our favorite artists and it's 'cus of his new single "BornStar"!

The young Louisiana artist is a well-rounded artist and what we'd personally call a true artist.

KidClipse drops quality tracks and isn't afraid to stick out from the crowd. He's a rapper with the ability to drop a track from any genre and make it sound super clean.

His new single "BornStar" is one of his best tracks yet. With great sound quality, wavey lyrics, flow changes, vocals, visuals, and every other little thing from the track, KidClipse really put his all into this track and proved just how great of an artist he is.

KidClipse has worked with other great artists in the underground such as SoFaygo and PerryVsTheWrld, so it came as a surprise that we barely got around listening to his tracks. It's odd to say..... but the wait was worth it.

KidClipse's even linked up with BAWS World, who directed "No Melody" By DC The Don, to film the music video for "BornStar".

Upon the release of "BornStar" we got the chance to quickly link up with KidClipse and learn more about the track itself.

"I was just reflecting on a time when my one of homies broke up with this chick he was f*ck with heavy and one of our “supposed to be" homies tried to shoot his shot at her. It just blew my mind, because he had just tried to dap bro a few weeks prior"

He continued...

"Making the song took about 30 minutes to record & was meant to be an open at first but my comrades told me I should just drop it."

The story behind the track really links up with some of the lyrics in the track and honestly, screw the homie... but if he didn't do what he did we wouldn't have gotten this bop.

We're glad KidClipse released this as a single and went all out, even releasing a music video for the track.

"The making of the video was cool because I was able to shoot with a videographer who directed for Dc The Don. It was an honor to work with bro & the vibes were pure."

"we went on a stroll through Atlanta and just shot the video. If we saw some shots we liked, we just executed off vibes"

BAWS World, as always, did an amazing job with the music video. Very fitting to the video of the track and KidClipse personality.

Overall, we are more than pleased with the track as a whole and the music video. It's a 10 out of 10 for us.

KidClipse is rumored to be dropping a new project titled “Still Manifesting” sometime in October, but till then make sure to stream "Bornstar" on your favorite streaming platform!


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