Kirillsopretty: Alternative in Atlanta!

Atlanta artist, Kirillsopretty, is a fresh breath of air for The Club!

The 25 year old artist is known for his alternative tracks and experimental vibes.

After checking out his top track "Mixed Berries," we felt relief to know that the Atlanta underground scene isn't just sticking to the mainstream Atlanta sound. The track overall is a great track. Splitting into 3 melodic parts that almost make it feel psychedelic.

We briefly linked up with Kirillsopretty to learn a bit more about him and his tracks:

When did you start making music?

"Started doing my own vocals like 6 months ago, but production for a few years."

What is your favorite part of the music process?

"Just capturing the moment of that specific time. That’s all music is capturing moments and feelings."

What's the inspiration behind your track "Mixed Berries"?

"I was doing a lot of peep and alternative sounding music and one day I wanted to try something new. it’s just a fun song, it was at a time where I was dating a girl and she was fun and exciting so her mood kinda rubbed of on mine and I made that."

Anything you'd like to say?

"I’m just growing as an artist. I feel like I improve with every track so it’ll be cool to see where I’m at in a year."

Overall, Kirillsopretty, has range. With every track we listen to we fall in love with his music a little more.

From production quality to the lyrics of each track, Kirillsopretty, really only puts out quality tracks and future hits.

It's safe to say you should keep an eye on him for the years to come. For now, check out Kirillsopretty's "Mixed Berries" dow below or click on one of our recommended tracks!

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "08 Broken Girl"

  2. "MIxed Berries"

  3. "Hi Blonde"


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