Kurt Hazard: Latest Single "Guess Who!"

New York artists are some of the most versatile in the underground, but one artist doing it like no other is Kurt Hazard!

The 23-year-old triple threat is like no other artist we've seen in THE CLUB. With his insane beats, lyricism, and experimental tracks, it's hard to overlook him.

His latest track "Guess Who!" is a track we can't put in a box or even began to describe.

To be completely honest, Kurt Hazard is a f*ckin' alien. With his futuristic beats and his unique flows, it's scary how unique this artist is.

"Guess Who?" is one of those tracks you just have to listen to and I promise you, it's totally worth it.

Earlier this week, We got the chance to get inside Kurt's head and learn the story behind the track.

"The creation of "Guess Who!" kinda goes back to what I'd said earlier about challenging myself. I'd made this incredibly unique beat which I'd fallen in love with from the moment I played it back. It didn't sound like anything I'd heard anyone rap over before, and thus the challenge presented itself to me. It was tough though, I sat on the beat for months before something finally clicked. . . "I need a round of applause when I step in", that one line, which I knew was the perfect opening line, really just set everything off and the rest of the song kinda just wrote itself from there."

Kurt Hazard sat on the beat for months but made it sound so effortless.

He also shared the thought behind himself as an artist and his image as a whole.

"I want Kurt Hazard to be synonymous with unapologetic self-confidence. Just knowing that you're the shit and owning it. 99% of the songs that I've written within the last two years refer back to that very idea in one way or another and "Guess Who!" is no exception. When I say "ya'll been plotting on my body since 2014 and guess who ain't dead yet", it's me making a mockery of anyone or anything that's attempted to kill my confidence or of killing my momentum since I started."

Kurt Hazard is one insane and amazing artist. No one can deny that.

His latest single "Guess Who!" is a track off his upcoming album "Kurt Must Die 2" set to release on August 1st.

Make sure to check out Kurt Hazard's new single "Guess Who?" here and stick around for the "Guess Who!" music video and the "Kurt Must Die 2" album. You won't wanna miss it!


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