Kurt Hazard: "KURT MUST DIE" Review + Interview!

The Alien of New York, AKA Kurt Hazard, is back with his new album "Kurt Must Die II" and we couldn't be more satisfied with the project as a whole!

It's been a few weeks since the release of Kurt Hazard's new album "Kurt Must Die II" and we thought we'd dive deeper into the makings of the album.

We linked up with Kurt Hazard himself to learn more about what inspired the album and how it came to be.

"Kurt Must Die 2 follows the story of an outlaw on the run from the police."

He continued...

"The title Kurt Must Die was originally inspired by this feeling you experience as you approach adulthood, where your obligations and responsibilities tend to pull you away from what's actually important to you. It can get hard to balance what you want to do and what you need to do, and the prospect of just simply compromising, and taking a safe route (one that would likely come at the cost of "killing" the vision you had for your life) can tend to linger as you get older. Making and releasing this album (as well as its predecessor) and just putting 1000% into it was kind of my way of combatting the thought of ever allowing myself to become complacent. It's a reminder to myself to just stay on track and never lose sight of what it is I want to make of myself."

Kurt Hazard stays humble and realistic. Releasing some of the most insane tracks anyone has ever heard with true emotions, creativity, and talent. He truly is a GOAT in the making.

Kurt also went deeper into the creation of the album and shared a bit about the process.

"I made every beat myself and, in the album's earliest stages, I found myself experimenting with faster-paced tempos, and I kind of wanted to expand on that. Me feeling pressed for time; and having a desire to make shit happen for myself before life catches up to me, and I have no choice left but to be a boring ass adult for the rest of my life, was what inspired a lot of my writing. This coupled together with these faster-paced drum cadences set the tone for the album and was the perfect backdrop for a story about an outlaw who's on the run..."

The most amazing thing about the album as a whole is the story of Kurt himself. The outlaw on the run, hiding from the police, learning, lusting, running.

"While he's not entirely sure of what his destination is, he has full faith in wherever it is his journey will lead him."

Kurt Hazard did such an amazing job with every aspect of the "Kurt Must Die II" album. From producing the beats to engineering, everything sounds so connected and cohesive it brings Kurt to life. Like a little comic book character you just want to follow around and learn more about, waiting for his next adventure.

"Kurt Must Die II" is an addicting album as a whole. No Skips, just vibes and the story of an outlaw.

Possibly one of the most surprising things from the album was the variety of tracks. We were expecting a full-on futuristic album with crazy beats, but instead, we got Kurt mastering every genre with some even crazier beats.

Kurt Hazard included some trap, EDM, alternative, and old school R&B, among other genres in just an 8 track album. From tracks likes "Most Wanted," "Guess Who!," and "Iridescent," every single track of the album was perfectly created.

Kurt Hazard is truly just a genius when it comes to music and we couldn't be more pleased with the outcome of the album.

Kurt Hazard's new album "Kurt Must Die II" is out now on all streaming platforms. Check it out here or play the "Kurt Must Die II" mini-game to find your way to Kurt's new album!

Stick around for more Kurt Hazard and the adventure of an outlaw and let us know what you think of the album here.


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