Kurt Hazard: “Sociopath” - New Single

Kurt Hazard returns soon after the release of his latest album “Kurt Must Die II” and releases his new single “Sociopath”!

The futuristic artist-producer gets all up in your face with some gory lyrics and an eerie trap beat to perfectly kick off spooky season.

This is Kurt’s first self-engineered track. He has previously worked with one of New York’s best, Boci but this time he took it upon himself to fully master a new skill.

“I followed my usual process of writing and making the beat simultaneously, just trying to build the song from the ground up. The one major thing that I did that was different form how I usually do things was make an effort to mix and master everything myself. Boci, who has engineered nearly everything I've put out up until this point, was on vacation at the time I was working on this song, which I kind of interpreted as a sign from the universe that it's time to learn how to do this shit myself.”

He continued…

“I'm glad it worked out the way it did cause now I've developed a skillset that'll allow me to be more hands on, and hence keep everything in line with the vision I have in my head.”

Kurt Hazard has made heads turn left and right since the release of his latest album “Kurt Must Die II” so it’s great to see him continue to give the people what they want while trying new things.

As far as Kurt’s new mixing skills, we’d say he did an excellent job. We were not disappointed at all.

Kurt Hazard’s new single “Sociopath” is out now on all streaming platforms. Make sure to check it out here and let us know what you think down in the comments!

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