lassensai: "Scriptures" - 2 Tracks

Spartanburg, South Carolina's Lassensai releases two new singles in his "Scriptures" mix!

The young and motivated artist has been making music since 2015, but only started releasing his music in 2018. Since his start, Lassensai has dropped some great tracks like "Trippin" and "Keep Yo Space", experimenting and showing off his creativity.

Now, he's back at it again with his two new singles "Go Freestyle" and "Ice Out!" featuring Grezzzo, under his mix titled "Scriptures". The two heavy bass tracks weren't recorded in a studio, but Lessensai doesn't let the lack of studio stop him from making music.

"I don't record in studios or around people like that so I just record by myself. Only thing I needed was a mic and some wedding cake."

The resourceful artist explained a bit about how "Scriptures" came to be.

"i just had to address problems I had going on in my life. I didn’t wanna do a hook cause this wasn’t the time for it. The message needed to be clear."

"I know somebody can relate to what I’m saying even if it’s not the same situation but this music won’t stop. I like to talk but not to people. Imma roll this wood and turn towards the mic every time."

Lassensai made his message clear in his "Scriptures" mix, especially with the track "Ice Out!". He's here to make music and live his life, ain't nobody stopping him.

Lassensai's new "Scriptures" mix is out now on all streaming platforms. Check it out here and stick around for his upcoming EP “Kash Moni”!


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