Lee Cozart: The Pain Behind The Music

Texas bound Florida artist, Lee Cozart, Aka, BabySteve, is currently trying to put his name on out in the underground.

The 22 years old artist has been making music for some time now, but it wasn’t until recently that he decided to chose music as his long life career.

Though the young artist has just started to find his way, he has been constant and experimental with his music. Always putting something out and never letting the judgements bring him down.

Lee Cozart shared with us about how his music is shaped by the pain and sorrows in his life.

“I’ve honestly been through a lot of bs during my time... [i’m] trying to get right with making music and growing my fan base.. I lost a lot from friends, family, and time off my life.”

He continued...

“It legitimately is like taking a mere glimpse of what goes on in my mind and in my life in the past 22 years. I’ve had a long journey, but in reality i’m still young as hell, so, I’m just basically opening my mind and allowing the public to see what I’ve experienced, [Also,] allowing room for those who are effected by similar trails.. One, you are not alone, and two, someone else will always have it worse. Those 2 things i say to myself all the time...”

It’s clear that Lee Cozart, like many others, uses music as a way to cope, connect, and provide relief.

Though it’s hard to see Lee Cozart’s full potential just yet, one track stands out the most. Not just in production quality, but in story telling as well. That track being “Moonlight Lover.”

“The inspiration behind “moonlight lover” was honestly me being in love with my vices and [i] found a very creative and 100% genuine way to express [that] relationship, because in [my] mind [that’s what] we were. I just so happened to actually be in love at that time so it came out beautifully in my opinion...you be the judge.”

And honestly, he’s not wrong. The story presented in “Moonlight Lovers” seems romantic, but it’s really much deeper than that.

Lee Cozart is currently working on his debut album and by the sight of it, this young artist has the potential and the capacity to reach higher grounds. We’ll just have to wait and see what he can deliver.

For now, Stream “Moonlight Lover” down below or check it out on our Spotify Playlist here.

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