lil a-lik: New Single “Noted”

lil a-lik puts his heart on his sleeve in his new single!

The Broward County artist hops on a melodic beat and shares just how feels about girls that play too much.

Originally the track, “Noted,” started out as a freestyle ‘till lil a-lik started doing something different with it.

“Chri$tian sent me the beat, melodies just started striking me and I knew I had to record on it. It started as a freestyle then I would write it down and adjust here and there. Girls just be playing too much, she really switched up on me and I thought she was solid…”

This is the first time you see lil a-lik vulnerable on a beat like this. Showing a completely different side to him.

lil a-lik did share with us that he combined his own experiences along with other’s experiences to create the track.

“I combined other people's experiences and that's really where the inspiration for that song came from. Like fuck it I took an "L", but "I'mma keep that noted moving forward"

lil a-lik’s “Noted” is a fresh new single that shows the next phases of sound. Maybe lil a-lik is on a journey to find his sound or he’s just showing off his versatility. Either way “Noted” is one of the best tracks he’s put out this year.

Check out lil a-lik’s “Noted” down below and save it on your favorite streaming platform here!


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