Logan Ghiorzi: Rebranded

Arizona artist, Logan Ghiorzi, has been making music for quite a while now, but he hasn't always been known as Logan.

The young, 18 year old, artist has been making music as "FlexxWavy," but he recently chose to rebrand. We linked up with him to learn more about the changes and what Logan Ghiorzi is really all about.

When asked why he chose to rebrand, He answered that the main reason is because he wants to be taken more seriously in the music industry. He has taken a long journey to get to where he is today and still has ways to go. It is very important for him to establish himself and his sound, while continuing to learn in the process.

Logan Ghiorzi's transition from "FlexxWavy" to Logan had been slowly in the works for sometime now. We started to see his change in sound when he first dropped "Falling." The track included his usual fast pace raps, but also featured a more melodic guitar sound that was different than his usual work and even felt so. During the release of his track "Hitchhicking," the change had become more apparent. He continued to feature his melodic guitar sound and mixed it with his fast pace raps. It seemed to us that Logan (FlexxWay at the time) had found his sound.

Not long after the release of "Hitchhiking," He decided to officially changed his artist name to his real name "Logan Ghiorzi" and continue to make his more melodic/alternative music.

Since the change, Logan, said:

"I’m way more comfortable with what I make now and am not afraid for my real name to be the face of it. Since the change I've had no regrets and am a lot happier with the outcome."

The transition has not been easy for Logan, but is more than glad to have done it. He shared that the transition was not a conscious one and it just naturally happened.

"It really just happened.. Like out of nowhere.. I had no plan to make the genre I am into now, or even a subtle thought of it. I was bored really late at night and picked up my guitar to only find myself an hour later with a chorus to a few guitar chords I threw together, and the rest was history."

"FlexxWavy" was the beginning of something new for Logan and it gave him the confidence to create new music, try new sounds, and do everything he is doing now.

To fully embrace his rebranding, Logan Ghiorzi, is dropping a seven track demo, on July 1st, titled "Insided Out."

The long awaited demo is a full representation of Logan's conscience and mind. The demo showcases feelings, thoughts, and personalities that he has never shared with anybody. It is a very personal demo and it took a long time to complete.

Logan shared with us that, he and his executive producer, D-Work, spent two months completing the demo. The process wasn't easy and sometimes took some sacrifices.

"There were times where I was dead broke and I had to sell a bunch of sh*t to be able to record, but I have no regrets at all."

But ultimately, it was worth it.

"It probably was the most fun I’ve had in any lifetime."

With Logan's rebranding and his upcoming demo, we are really happy to see this young artist flourish and can't wait to see what he does next.

Logan Ghiorzi's "Inside Out" demo is dropping on all platforms July 1st, but while you wait, check out the video down below to learn more about him.


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