LoKii AD: "In Stone" Album

Atlanta got so much talent, but one thing is for sure, LoKii AD is one of the best underground lyricists out of Georgia!

LoKii dropped his "In Stone" album late 2020 and proved just how different he is from most Georgia artists.

The "In Stone" album isn't only LoKii's best-produced work, but it's also his most versatile project to date. With tracks like Blu, Better, Destiny, and more it is hard to deny the talent this young artist has.

With 15 tracks packed into the album, not a single song is like the others. With flows changing left and right and beats and tempos shifting just at the right time there's really not a single track that could be used as the title track of this album. All the tracks are just that good.

Along with his "In Stone" album, LoKii AD recently dropped the music video for his track "Blu."

With a quality album and music video, 20-year-old, LoKii AD really showed who's making it out of Georgia next and it ain't an Atlanta artist as long as LoKii got something to say about that.

LoKii AD's "In Stone" album is overall a great album with no skips so make sure to check it out here or head to his artist page here!


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