LXN3LY: A Different Kind Of Artist

Every artist is different in their own way, Alton E. Doe III, AKA LXN3LY, is different in many kinds of ways.

The young 20 year old artist uses his potential to drive his music to the next level. Keeping an eye forward towards the future and experimenting while he still can.

LXN3LY recently released a new track, "Geek!," to display his versatility and creativity. The tack features a futuristic hype beat with LXN3LY's usual hard style raps. The energy of the track overshadows the realistic truth LXN3LY's past. Overall, the experimental track brings a new look to this young and promising artist.

Over the past year, LXN3LY, has released a few singles and you can definitely tell he's been improving and taking on some new challenges.

What makes LXN3LY a different kind of artist is his character and his willingness to experiment. He continues to push himself as humbly as possible, supporting other artist, and never getting discouraged. He also takes on new challenges and experiments instead of sticking to the same old.

LXN3LY makes music for everyone and continues to prove he is skilled at delivering any style of music. Within the next couple of years, we can't wait to see this young artist grow and eventually fulfill his dream. For now, we'll keep an eye on him and we recommend you do too.

Make sure to stream LXN3LY's latest track "Geek!" or check out one of our recommended tracks down below!

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "Lxng Distance Calls"

  2. "Geek!"

  3. "Nuntheless.depressed"


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