Macksowavy: "GIMMIE A BEAT" New Single

Macksowavy drops one of her best tracks yet!

The talented Florida artist released her new single "GIMME A BEAT" just last week and after days of bumping to it, we can honestly we can say it's one of the hardest tracks to have dropped this month.

The energy goes crazy and the bass thumping straight from the beginning just set the whole mood for the track.

Macksowavy started making music at the age of 16.

"I recorded my first track ever when I was 16 over “The Motto” my drake I’ll never forget how I felt when I heard my voice over a track, that feeling alone keeps me inspired."

Ever since then, she's been grinding and showing she has what it takes to make it in the game.

She's showed versatility, lyricism, patience, and talent. With each track, she just keeps getting better and better.

Macksowavy's new single "GIMME A BEAT" quickly became a Club favorite. So, we briefly linked up with Mack to get the story behind the track.

"Honestly my brother sent me the beat and said “yo you’ll go crazy on this” when I heard it I was yeah this is fire. Wrote the track in less than 10 min in my mom's garage... it’s really just a catchy song with heavy punch lines. Ladies can twerk but my real niggas can feel me."

Hard to believe such a quality beat got murked in 10 minutes and made a fire track.

Macksowavy is currently working on an end-of-the-year project and putting out content on her YouTube Channel. They will be no new music for some time, but "GIMMIE A BEAT" is just that track to keep us vibing for the summer.

Make sure to check out Macksowavy's "GIMMIE A BEAT" here or check out one of the recommended tracks down below!

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