Mac x Chap: “End Of The World”

Atlanta duo, Malcolm Phillips and Jay Chapel, dropped a little something for Christmas!

The 19 year old duo barely started making music earlier this year due to the pandemic. With lockdown and hardly anything to do, they started rapping over beats and pouring out their feelings.

Now, they’ve officially released their first project and in all honesty it’s not bad. For starters, barely 8 months and they’ve got some good consistency going. Well above average for artists that literally just started of their music career.

The 7 track project includes tracks like “Love On You” and “Fine By Me” that represent some of what the duo is trying to accomplish with this project:

“This project should show that guys have feelings too. I mean there is a stereotype that lots of males are incapable of showing emotion or have a hard time explaining how they feel. Well this is to show we do.”

Since the start of the pandemic and the endless thread of bad news the title of the project seems very fitting. “End Of The World” is really just what 2020 feels like.

Although, we aren’t sure how we feel about the project as a whole. We do know that Mac and Chap are doing good for fresh newcomers and we can only hope to see more grind and improvement in 2021.

Mac x Chap’s, “End Of The World,” is available now on all streaming platforms. Make sure to check it out!


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