Mula KKhan: Teases Upcoming Album "Inferno 4"

Mula KKhan teases his upcoming album "Inferno 4," adding to his "inferno" collection!

The Indianapolis artist has been making music since 2015. Growing and improving. Dropping some great projects and tracks along the way.

He started his "Inferno" collection back in 2018 with the drop of his first "Inferno" album. Now, it's time for "Inferno 4" and he dropped 3 tracks on his special "KK" EP to tease the upcoming album.

Out of all 3 tracks, "Hittin" really stands out and sets the mood on what to expect from his upcoming album. As always dark trap beats and some aggressive lyrics. However, there's a different energy than usual. It feels more refreshing, more up in mood than before, but we'll never really know until it drops.

Mula KKhan had a few words to say for all those wondering what his music is all about.

"My music is for weirdos, like me, that like cool instrumentals and wanna try dark sounds and wavy because that’s what I do... lol"

So, for all those just getting familiar with Mula KKhan, we recommended you go check out his inferno collection and get a feel for his vibe before "Inferno 4" drops.

Check out the special EP here or check out one of our recommended tracks down below!

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "Hittin"

  2. "New Drop Red Dot"

  3. "StraightFromTheDugeon"


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