NightKquil: “King Of The Night”

21 year old, Lavell Yaisrael, AKA Nightkquil, is an underground gem.

The souther California artist has been making music since 2018, dropping some amazing tracks and projects along the way. Inspired by the minds of A$AP Rocky, Lauren Hill, and XXXTentacion, Nightkquil, has dropped 19 tracks since his first released. With his latest track “Blikky” being his best work yet.

Over the years you can clearly see Nightkquil’s progress and growth. Known for his 2016 SoundCloud vibes, Nightkquil, has experimented and showcased his versatility with tracks like “Fall For You,” “SO Wild,” and “Candy Kingdom Outro.” From Alternative rock to emotrap this young artist can do a lot. He even produces his tracks and beats at times.

From producing his own beats to putting the final pieces together, We asked what his favorite part of the music process is and he replied:

“Watching the process and slowly growing a fanbase that believes my goal to be real.”

And he’s not wrong, it is one of the best parts.

One thing that stands out the most about Nightkquil is his night theme. Many artist have a signature sounds or a certain style of music that they’re known for, but Nightkquil has whole a** theme. With titles like “ Eclipse Tape,” “Eternal Sleep,” and even his own name, he might as well be known as “King of the Night.”

“King of the Night” or not, one thing is for certain, Nightkquil is an underground gem.

Check out his latest track “Blikky” down below and stick around for Nightkquil’s next drop.


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