Niqo Zedd: “Ups x Downs” Album

One unique artist we’ve recently linked up with recently is Niqo Zedd. The Brooklyn artist’s style and unique voice give him a fresh new vibe in our books.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Niqo Zedd, grew up loving music and never set his mind on a “regular” career. Instead, in 2019, he decided to take pride in his craft and chose music as his career.

Now, he’s dropped his “Ups x Downs” album. The album includes 12 tracks ranging in vibes. From the first track “Welcome Home” to last “The Interview,” we can definitely say that it’s one of our favorite bodies of work from an underground talent.

We linked up with Niqo Zedd to learn more about the project. When asked about the inspiration behind the album, Niqo shared:

“I wrote this project to express my rollercoaster of emotions. Each song is it’s own personal story and speaks on different ways I view myself internally.”

You can really tell he gave this album his all and really let go. A great example of this would be his track “The Interview” featuring Xcelsiour.

We asked him how “Ups x Downs” represent him as an artist and he replied:

“I would say I have the potential to be a jack of all trades when it comes to applying my sound. So this project was to showcase variety with the way how I perform and tap in to the different moods that people go through internally. I dropped this on the anniversary of my first project “No Regrets”. This is supposed to represent that growth I’ve went through musically and mentally over the span of the year since I’ve started creating music. Still showcasing he rollercoaster of emotions I had to deal with while doing so.”

The growth is really present and visible throughout each body of work. From improvement in work quality to the growth in writing, to the different taste in beats, Niqo Zedd is truly on hell of an artist.

We strongly recommend you check out his “Ups X Downs” album, available on all streaming platforms or check out our recommended track down below.

For now Niqo Zedd isn’t set to release any new music, but stick around to see what this amazing artist does next!

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "Welcome Home"

  2. "The Twin Demon"

  3. "Set The World On Fire"

  4. "The Interview"


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