Nitty Black: Best of 2021!

Nitty Black has been a force to be reckoned with since the beginning of his career but in 2021 he really hit the gas and went full speed. Here is a quick overview of Nitty’s best work in 2021!

Starting with his newest release the “Goob4ever” EP, Nitty Black unleashed all his aggression with 5 banging tracks. Each track was well executed, the sound quality was great, and the full EP really put some respect on Big Goob’s name (Nitty Black).

The title track “Young Old head” really set the record straight as to what kind of artist Nitty Black really is. He means business. He’s here to build a legacy, not to f*ck around.

Nitty Black really ended 2021 in the most solid way possible.

Throughout the year, Nitty showcased his versatility and his hunger for the “G.O.A.T” title. He released great tracks like “Suicide Notes”, “Big Shot”, “Proud of you (Era)”, and more.

Nitty Black also displayed superiority as a featured artist with the now unavailable “Risky” music video by Tatty Jones. Although the music video is now unavailable, Nitty Black really went dumb in his verse and it was one of his greatest features to date.

Nitty Black is one of the most underrated artists in the underground right now, but there’s no doubt that in this new year of 2022 he’s gonna make it known to the world just who he really is.

Stick around to get more exclusive content on Nitty Black this year and let us know what’s your favorite Nitty Black track of 2021 down in the comments!


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