Noma99: Stand Up & Rise

21 year old, Amon Spencer, AKA Noma99, is one promising artist.

The South Carolina artist has been making music for roughly over three years. Bringing a rager punk vibe.

The triple threat can produce his own tracks, mix,and master. Since he puts in 100% of the work, we linked up with him to see what his favorite part of the music process is and he replied:

“coming across that perfect melody or drum pattern that just makes your brain melt and overheat.”

and we can’t argue with that.

His most recent track, “Sin City,” is a perfect representation of who Noma99 really is.

The track feature one of Noma99’s brain melting beats and his signature rager vibes. The lyrics take you through the pride of young black man in America. Directly mentioning the current state of the country.

With lyrics like, “Black lives only matter when it’s trending,” “Profit off of blacks, we should get the praise,” and “Ain’t no one stopping me, cus I’m on fire,” it’s hard to ignore Noma99’s “Sin City.”

We asked him the meaning behind the track and he shared:

“The black community needs something or someplace we can all feel sanctuary and fellowship together. So I created the idea of Sin City. They forced us to become outlaws and create our own city right underneath their noses. I wrote it to give awareness to everyone who listens.”

The Black Lives Matter movement is still as important as it was a couple months ago and we love to see artist take their thoughts and put it in a track so flawlessly.

Noma99 has many other noteworthy tracks, such as “By Any Means” and “Black Sea.”

The triple threat is certainly not an artist to overlook and he’s ready to stand up and rise to the top.

Stream Noma99’s “SinCity” down below or check out one of our recommended tracks.

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "Sin City"

  2. "By Any Means"

  3. "Black Sea"


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