NOSIDE: “Deadboy” Demo

Philly bound, Puerto Rican blood artist, Edison Quiñones-Vázquez, Aka, NOSIDE just dropped his “Deadboy” demo.

The demo includes an assortment of NOSIDE’s favorite recorded track, ranging in style and showcasing his well versed talents.

The 23 year old artists began his passion for music at a young age, teaching himself to play the guitar, bass, drums, and keys. In high school, he moved on to making beats and learning music production. Now, he takes part and foresees everything, from writing lyrics and vocals to engineering and production.

The “Deadboy” demo represents NOSIDE’s music growth and journey. Each track is just a flow with the sound type of journey. However, tracks like “Star Girl” give a more personal look into NOSIDE’s life.

Personally, “Paper Chase” is our favorite, and it appears to be NOSIDE’s favorite as well, the track gives off major Travis vibes, with a cosmic type beat and some major high off life vibes.

Stream NOSIDE’s “Deadboy” demo down below!


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