One artist that has been extremely consistent in his craft is NVRMNDFRVR. In the last couple of months NVRMNDFRVR has been growing and reaching for success.

His track “Dominoes” has over 300,000 streams with his fan base steadily growing.

We linked up with the 22 year old Atlanta artists to learn more about him.

Starting his music journey at just 12 years old, NVRMNDFRVR, used to freestyle in his school days. As his sound matured, he started to take music more seriously, using it as therapy, a way to be transparency, and as a way to share his thoughts with his fan.

We asked him what’s something that has helped his growth and recent success and he replied:

“I would say that my success comes from self awareness. I needed to know myself in order to become really consistent with creating. Overall I could not be successful without my fans and the supportive people around me.”

With growth and success there has been hardships. NVRMNDFRVR shared that the hardest part of his music journey was to:

“figure out my sound.”

Although his talent has always overlap his signature sound, we are really glad to hear that NVRMNDFRVR has accomplished that part of his music journey.

As an artist, producer, and engineered, NVRMNDFRVR is a very well rounded artist. His versatility is easily seen and his talent always shows.

We asked him what his favorite part of the music process was and he answered:

“The best part has been seeing how my music has impacted people in a positive way.”

NVRMNDFRVR is honestly a great artist and although there’s still a long way to go, we have no doubt that he is on the rise to stardom.

Check the video down below to learn more about NVRMNDFRVR.

Make sure to keep up with NVRMNDFRVR by following his socials at “nvrmndfrvr” and stick around for his upcoming EP.


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