OE Jizzle: “The Wavey Tapes Pt.1” EP

OE Jizzle has only been in the game for a little over a year and he’s already making big moves!

The Connecticut-Atlanta-based artist has been racking streams like crazy for the title track “Light It Up” off his “The Wavey Tapes Pt.1” Ep. Standing at 137k streams and counting on YouTube alone.

We got the chance to link up with OE Jizzle and learn a bit more about him and about his music.

Starting in 2019, OE Jizzle was playing basketball in college and ultimately left it all behind upon the birth of his daughter, along with other reasons.

“I quit hooping cause mentally I was in a dark place because of the politics. When I was in that deep state of depression music was my escape from it & I fell in love with making music & decided to pursue it as a lifestyle..”

Before OE Jizzle made his life-changing decision he didn’t seem to be all about the music at first.

“I always loved music but never loved actually making it, being younger & being around big artists like waka Flocka & Gucci mane… I was around it heavily but I was on young dumb hot shit.”

He continued…

“Trepounds of 808 mafia was really the one who gave me the confidence to chase music as a career & ever since then, I ain’t look back since I dropped my 1st single “Straight Drop”

Ever since his first drop, OE Jizzle has been grinding and proving he’s got what it takes to play it big in the game.

His latest EP “The Wavey Tapes Pt.1” is proof of the rising success and more to come for OE Jizzle and the OE Family.

From the first track, “Duddy” to the last one “Frozone,” OE Jizzle ran through the beats and showed versatility. Packing heat and insane talent in just 5 tracks. Switch flows and keeping fresh in each different track.

“Light It Up” keeps the EP lit with high energy, but “Frozone” ends it with a cool and down-to-earth vibe, and adding the saxophone in the background just made it even better.

The producers for OE Jizzles “The Wavey Tapes Pt.1” really went crazy in this tape and knowing Philgotanother1 was one of those amazing producers automatically makes this EP one for the books in The Club’s list.

OE Jizzle is on the rise and he didn’t leave us dry without a message for the upcoming Fugitives…

“For the upcoming artists who getting it out the mud independently like me? Fuck the supporters keep perfecting your craft and keep doing it cause you love it everything else will fall into place if you study the game stay down and keep ya head above water. Life is good OETheFamily forever.”

OE Jizzle “The Wavey Tapes Pt.1” is out now on all streaming platforms!

Make sure to check it out here or check out one of our recommended tracks down below.

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "Light It Up"

  2. "Frozone"

  3. "Get In"


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