OE Jizzle: "The Wavey Tapes Pt.2" - EP Review

OE Jizzle returns with some heat!

After racking up a few streams and over 150k view on YouTube for his track "Light It Up" off his "The Wavey Tapes Pt.1", OE Jizzle drops his new "The Wavey Tapes Pt.2" EP.

After listening to both tapes back to back, we asked ourselves "Which one is better?" and honestly... we couldn't decide.

The vibe of "The Wavey Tapes Pt.2" starts off more mellow then picks up right on the next track. "Sasuke!" starts off hard and keeps the energy going, eventually blending into the next track, "Ric Flare!".

One thing we noticed was the parallels between both tapes. It feels like they directly mirror each other. Both starting off with a mellow wavey track then picking up the energy. The only difference feels like "The Wavey Tapes Pt.2" continuously keeps it lit with high energy, rarely dropping it.

"The Wavey Tapes Pt.2" also includes some more experimental beats we haven't heard from OE Jizzle before, making it feel like a more refreshing sound.

Overall, OE Jizzle's "The Wavey Tapes Pt.2" has an advantage over "The Wavey Tapes Pt.1" in terms of energy but both tapes are so good that it's hard to pick one or even compare. They're both straight fire!

What do you think of OE Jizzle's "The Wavey Tapes Pt.2"?

Make sure to check it out here and let us know what you think!


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