OMF Kobe: New Album "TREESAP"

OMF Kobe drops a 9 track album that shows off just how much of a threat he can be to the game!

The Green Bay born - Arizona resident really makes his music speak for him when it comes to speaking on his talent.

The 22-year-old triple threat, producer his own track, and is involved in every part of the process since the start of his career.

"I started taking music seriously in 2019 after teaching myself how to produce my own music..."

He continued...

"I really just record my home studio and I’m able to produce my own music the way I want it. A lot of artists and producers don’t see eye to eye but in my case, everything works out."

His "TREESAP" album is his first full-length project and we are really impressed with the outcome.

From the first track "Know Me" to the last "Streets Need Love," OMF Kobe really packed in the versatility. Not only were his flows and vocals switching up, but the beats were just as impressive in variety.

Seeing him do tracks with beats like "2016" to crazy beats like "Ace of Spades" is crazy. Not only that but it was a huge gamble to add such an aggressive track like that. However, it totally paid off with the track "No Aim" evening out the playing field within the beats.

Overall, OMF Kobe's "TREESAP" album is worth the listen with no skips. All 9 tracks can stand up on their own as singles and we are very happy with the way OMF executed the project.

Make sure to check out the full "TREESAP" album here or Check out our recommended tracks down below!

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "Streets Need Love"

  2. "No Aim"

  3. "Know Me"


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