#ONREPEAT: Top Weekly SoundCloud Songs

Another week, more music. We are always listening to new tracks and new styles of music. Here are this week’s favorites!

1. FlexxWavy - "Hitchhiking”

Slow and fast pace life journey from the mind of FlexxWavy!

2. Kapo - “Hate Me”

Toxic relationship always come to and end and it always end in "I hate him." Listen to Kapo going back and forth between love and hate.

3. Kid Moon - “There For You”

A fresh new sound form the Kid that can do it all.

4. KILLXAVI - ”this aint even a love song”

What's heartbreak without a little love song, although the title states otherwise, this is the perfect heartbreak soon!

5. Keemy Hendrxx - “YESSIR”

A sexy and smooth flex for Keemy!

We love a lot of music, I mean a lot of music, but this were non-stop playing on our SoundCloud this week, today, yesterday... you get it!


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