Pain X 1600nikkk: "KRAZY JOURNEY" Album

Pain and 1600nikkk drop a crazy 17 track joint project featuring Sluttyxhris, LilRugRatt, and more!

Sheeeessh where to begin... the Georgia duo pulled off a great joint project. It took them several months to put it together, but they delivered beyond expectations.

We briefly linked up with Pain to learn more about the "KRAZY JOURNEY" album and get a bit more background on himself and 1600nikkk.

"I started making music when I was in the 8th grade but took a break and picked it back up my jr year in high school...I really don’t even wanna become an artist for real I wanna be known for my engineering skills I only make music so I can practice on myself for engineering."

Though Pain isn't too keen on being an artist he acknowledges that is a good artist with great style and versatility. Which honestly... just makes him a bigger threat in the game.

"It (the album) represents me as an artist.. honestly this album sets it in stone that i’m very capable a being a versatile artist."

and he isn't wrong. This album really puts it into the world just what pain is made out of.

As for 1600nikkk,

"Nik started making beats a little over a year ago... he's always had an ear for the production behind the songs and he also wanted to get into engineering but he found making beat a lot more interesting. He not only still wants to be come an engineer but also a videographer."

Pain and 1600nikkk really just proved how capable they are as a duo and as individuals. It's really interesting to learn the story of how the "KRAZY JOURNEY" album came to be.. it was not what we expected at all but we sure are glad they pushed through and released such a masterpiece.

"the meaning behind "Krazy Journey" is that life isn’t always gon be sweet like you gon have your downs frl and you just gotta be prepared for it... During the time of making beats for Krazy Journey I was heavily Pierre influenced but I didn’t exactly want to copy his sound... So I found my own version of my own sound... I wanted a dark feel for the album since it was supposed to be set for a Halloween release."

Aside from just working with each other they also linked up with others in the underground such as Sluttyxhris and LilRuggRatt, proving they really are just for the culture and for the music.

It's hard to describe all 17 tracks because Pain and Nikk really showed versatility, but if we had to describe it in just one work... we just say "Hard." The "KRAZY JOURNEY" really just goes hard.

Pain and Nikk are already working on their next project, but till then make sure to check out the "KRAZY JOURNEY" album here or check out our recommended tracks down below!

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "Codeine Love"

  2. "Halloween"

  3. "HighSchool"


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