PerryVsTheWrld: “#CONCERFORALIENS” Album Review

New Orleans’ PerryVsTheWrld drops an insane new album titled “#CONCERTFORALIENS” to prove he’s from outer space!

The futuristic album is packed with 12 tracks ranging from various mixes of Hyper-pop. Mixing Hyper-pop with trap and drill to create some insanely eargasmic sounds.

PerryVsTheWrld is known as one of the underground’s best-kept secret. Starting off his career in 2018 as a producer, working with artists like Kody Lavigne and many others. Later on, he started dropping his own tracks and killing every single beat he was on.

His new album “#CONCERTFORALIENS” is well put together. With Perry thinking through every aspect of the album.

“[The album] it’s me feeling like I’m an alien and from the first track to number 12, I explain how I got abducted then returning back down to earth..”

Creating a cohesive story throughout the album, while showing versatility.

PerryVsTheWrld’s “#CONCERTFORALIENS” seems to be heavily inspired by many greats in the industry, such as Lil Uzi Vert and many more. Regardless of the endless inspirations, Perry always stands out with his own style and unique beats.

PerryvsTheWrld is one artist you cannot compare to others in the underground because he’s been doing what he does since the start. Never switching up and consistently dropping versatility and experimental tracks. When you hear his tracks you know just who’s it is.

#CONCERTFORALIENS” is a must-listen album with virtually zero skips. From “Planet X” to “Back 2 Earth,” the story of Perry The Alien is one you cannot miss.

PerryVsTheWrld’s new album “#CONCERTFORALIENS” is out now on all streaming platforms. Check it out here or click on one of the recommended tracks down below!

Recommend Tracks

1. Planet X

2. Abducted !

3. Terminator


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