PhaydO: “Stickz or Stonez” Album

After having to delay the release of his new album, Memphis artist, Phaydo, finally releases his long awaited "Stickz or Stonez" album.

The album is packed with 12 hard hitting tracks. Including features from 10kdurkin, XanMan, and more.

The young Memphis artist started taking an interest in music at the age of seventeen; Heavily influenced by the 2016 SoundCloud scene. But it wasn't until 2019 that he decided to follow his music dream after being encouraged by the people around him and receiving good feedback from his fans.

Now, Phaydo, is hitting hard for the chance to breakthrough the underground scene. We briefly linked up with him to learn more about his "Stickz Or Stones" album and its inspiration:

What inspired the tracks in "Stickz Or Stonez" and What is the meaning behind it?

"There wasn’t really any inspiration for the song[s] my producer jjturnmeup sent the beat[s] through and I just let the beat[s] take me where it wanted. As for the project itself it represents the concept of fight or flight. Either you gone stand for what you gone believe in or what/who you love (STICKZ) or you gone fold and let another individual take whatever from you, even your life (STONEZ)."

How does the entire album represent you as an artist?

This whole project definitely represents me as artist who can be cool with anybody but ain’t going for no bullshit if it comes to that.

What's different about this project?

"I wanted to drop this project and purge as much of my old sound out as possible so I can start introducing something new in 2021."

Lastly, What's something you'd like your fans to know about you?

"My music is for anybody that wants to listen. I’m very versatile and try not to put myself in box.."

Phaydo's "Stickz Or Stonez" album is now available on all streaming platforms, Stream it now!

Let us know what you think of Phaydo's new album and make sure to check out the "Whole Lotta" music video down below.

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "In The Moment (Bonus Track)

  2. "HOOPLA" (Ft. Xanman)

  3. "Social DIstance"


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