Poli$y: New Single "No Love" Featuring Gav$

South Carolina artist, Poli$y, dropped a Valentines' Day track is just an essential daily listen!

Poli$y's new track "No Love" is not your typical love track, but this year heartbreak seems to be in the air.

With catchy lyrics and a relatable message, we briefly linked up with Poli$y to learn a bit more about the addicting track.

"A lot of things inspired me to make this song but the one obvious thing is “Love”. The meaning behind it is when you and the person you was once with doesn’t show that same affection they once used too whether it was your fault or theirs. In the song, I talk about me wanting to change after coming to my senses that I don’t want to lose that person."

He continued...

"I feel it represents me as this hopeless romantic in a world where love is the worst thing you can find yourself in.... Lol Nah fr it just shows that different Side of me I tend to show in most of my music. People need to hear this side because while being fun and upbeat song, it also is me being vulnerable and showing the very vocal side of myself."

Poli$y "No Love" really does show a different side to him. Not only that, but it also showcases a new style.

Poli$y hadn't dropped for some time now and he seems to have adopted a new flow.

While "No Love" isn't your typical love song... it certainly is an everyday 'Sad Boy/Girl Hour' type of song.

From sound quality to the lyrics, Poli$y made "No Love" an addicting track, So make sure to check it out down below!


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