Producer Of The Month: AdeOnTheTrackYaDig!

22-year-old producer, Aderinsola Solebo, AKA AdeOnTheTrackYaDig!, is February's Producer of the month so we dug a bit more into his background!

AdeOnTheTrack started being interested in music at the age of 8 when his mom signed him up for drumming classes. He played sports throughout high school and eventually, in college, he downloaded FL Studio and started to teach himself how to make beats.

The summer before entering college he became bored and started thinking about producing beats though he didn't start doing so until later on.

"I initially had thought about starting to produce all throughout summer 2017. That was right after I had just graduated high school. That summer was nice but I didn't really do anything or have a job so it was really boring. I also stopped playing soccer. It seemed pointless since high school was over so I had to get used to that as well. It was relaxing though I can't lie. I told myself I never wanted to live like that again though because I virtually sat around and did nothing."

Once Ade started to pick up his laptop and learning his way around FL Studio he started to get support from his older brother.

"After doing it for three months my older brother gave me some money to buy a midi keyboard. That really motivated me to go harder because somebody believed my dream enough to invest in it."

As Ade got more invested in his beats, he started to get more support from the people around him and started to build relationships for long-term growth.

"one night that summer when me and my childhood friend Maurice went to the store and he randomly asked me if I ever thought about rapping. I laughed and told him "Nah" but I had told him that I had always thought about producing. I try not to believe in coincidences so I took that as a sign and just went with it. Maurice is actually the first person I ever started making beats for and outside of my older brother, he's one of the first people who ever believed in me as a musician. I even remember during my sophomore year of college when I didn't have a speaker system yet he gave me his JBL speaker so that I could have something to make beats on. Stuff like that motivated me to where I am today."

We were glad to hear that AdeOnTheTrack received a lot of support when he first started to produce beats.

Now, he's one of the best producers to have passed through The Club.

Recently Ade announced his upcoming project "Ready For Takeoff" and released his title track "Problems" featuring L4k Mo.

We got to briefly link up with Ade on the inspiration for his upcoming project and a bit more insight on what to expect.

"Well, I called the project "Ready For Takeoff" because I felt like every artist featured on here is talented and on their way to taking off with their musical careers and just their lives in general."

Ade shared with there will be many different in-circle artists featured on his upcoming project and we can't wait to see who he's partnered up with.

One of the reasons we chose to make AdeOnTheTrack this month's Producer Of The Month is his dedication to grow and support those around him.

He isn't just stuck on the same loop over and over again because that's what works for him, he goes out the way to learn more and gets out of his comfort zone.

He also shows love and support. One of the main core values of Fugitive Club.

For his talent, dedication, and love and support, AdeOnTheTrackYaDig!, is this month's Producer Of The Month!

Make sure to stick around for Ade's upcoming "Ready For Takeoff" project and stream his latest single "Problems" here.


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