Producer of The Year: Philgotanother1!

Many producers were on the grind all year in 2021 but there is no doubt that one of them was the most active and talented producer of the year and that’s Philgotanother1!

The young 24-year-old producer put in the work, collaborating with not only promising artists in the underground but also top names in mainstream music.

This year released a joint project with 5an, produced for NBA Youngboy, Calboy, and more. Reaching millions of streams and catching eyes all around.

The talented young producer went above in beyond this year to display his versatility. Releasing tracks in nearly every single genre, including disco, alternative, trap, and much more. Not only did he display versatility but he displayed great eagerness to expand his knowledge and really push himself.

While other producers try to stick to a single particular genre or type of beats, Philgotanother1 has made it clear he’s here to be one of the greatest producers of all time.

Philgotanother1 produced countless quality tracks this year. He went above and beyond with the artists he’s worked with and still continues to push boundaries for himself and even the underground scene. For these reasons, there’s no other choice for “Producer of The Year” than Philgotanother1!


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