Producer Of The Month: Philgotanother1

Atlanta's underground scene has been on the rise and it's not just because of the amazing artists!

Philgotanother1 is one of the top producers in the underground right now and it won't be long before he's on his way to running the new generation of music.

The young 24-year-old producer has continuously proven he's got more than versatility and talent. Working from coast to coast and creating some of the most insane beats we've ever heard.

From rage tracks to hyper-pop to funky disco, alternative, and everything you can't even imagine, Philgotanother1 can do it all.

This month, Phil took us by surprise producing the track "Get Loose" by DXB.

The funky disco vibe was not something we ever expected from him and absolutely didn't know we needed.

Previously, we knew Philgotanother1 as a hyper-pop and rage track producer. Then he dropped his joint album "VILLAINS" with rising Florida artist, 5an, and proved his alternative creativity with the track "BOSSANOVA".

Philgotanother1's range is like no other producer we've seen in the game and because of his talent, creativity, versatility, and overall work ethic, He is June's Producer Of The Month.

Make sure to check out our coverage of Phil's previous work here and stick around to the rise of producer Philgotanother1!


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