Purpplondonn: “Tre’s Knights in London” New Album!

Purpplondonn is back after a long break and it seems like he’s got some clear intentions with his new album “Tre’s Knights in London” featuring LuvTre!

The highly talented Purpplondonn hasn’t dropped an official project since his “Whole Lotta London” in November of last year. But now he’s back with a joint album featuring LuvTre.

The duo really dropped something special, but it seems like for Purpplondonn it has an ulterior meaning then just a random joint album with an artist he loves.

“the tape is basically like me passing the key down to my guy tre , I look at him like someone who has mad potential and he’s destined to blow ! As much as I love this music sh*t I kinda wanna fall back a bit and support other artist and offer my voice and my base to help them grow as well. The whole tape is just a great intro the greatness tre has in store”

Purpplondonn isn’t exactly retiring from making music or going on hiatus, he’s simply just using his platform to give others an opportunity. The cover art it’s simply reflects this as well, with Purplondon passing on the key to LuvTre symbolizing the pass of opportunity.

Can’t say we’re more but we’re proud of an artist who seems potential and offers help.

Purpplondonn went on to share more about the process behind the album and how he feels about the release.

“[It] Took a few months , barely got it done in time but with a month to spare we managed to bang each song out , managed to build hype around it and now that it’s out im just glad everyone gets to witness the amazing effort we put forward”

Purpplondonn and LuvTre did a great job with the album. They really make a great team and their energies definitely compliment each other.

“Tre’s Knights in London” is packed with 10 tracks, it’s very versatile, and overall well produced. The album has something for everyone and we can’t wait what more this duo and LuvTre himself bring to the game.

Purpplondonn’s new album “Tre’s Knights in London” is out now on all streaming platforms. Check it out here and let us know what you think!

Recommended Tracks:

  1. “SOS”

  2. “Open That Sh!t Up”

  3. “Alita”


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